Suggestion Box

Promotion Name

Suggestion Box – Monthly

Promotion Type


Promotion Period

May 2013 until further notice

Target Audience

All APC Staff


To encourage all APC Personnel to provide the Group with insights and feedback them may assist in improving business practices or grow new and existing markets.

Inclusions / Exclusions


The Prizes

Each Month:

  • Top 2 Suggestions will received a $50 store voucher

Additional Promotion


Assessment Criteria

Submissions will be assessed to content value based on basic components:

  • The suggestion/observsation itself

  • Reasons why

  • Costs / Benefits

  • Practicality

  • Contribution to excellent client experience (the client journey)

  • Contribution to client retention

  • Contribution to streamlining / efficiency

  • New business opportunities, partnerships and referral systems

Submissions do not have to be overly wordy. Just the basics that hit as many of the key points as possible.

Entry into the Promotion

  • Log on to the APCCREW website

  • Select this promotion

  • Accept the Terms and Conditions

  • Submit the Suggestion Form


  • APC Internal Newsletter

  • APCCREW website

  • Personal email

Mechanics of Appraisal

  • Webform submissions are downloaded and reviewed on a monthly basis

  • The assessment panel will judge and rank each submission during the month on its merit and level of content submitted.

  • In cases where it is difficult to decide a clear winner, the Assessment Panel will make a further analysis in consultation with the relevant Zone Manager if necessary.

Assessment Panel

Mick Farr, Steve Endor, Richard Coleman

Terms and Conditions

You must be a current member of the APC Group at the time that the prize is awarded.

The prize is not redeemable for cash.

In cases where it is not practical to redeem the monthly prize of store vouchers or movie tickets (e.g. no stores or cinemas exist within a reasonable distance), an alternative reward to the equivalent value can be negotiated with APC.

Prize winner names and suggestions will be published each month.