Phone Sales Top Gun

Promotion Name

Phone Sales Top Gun – Monthly

Promotion Type


Promotion Period

Commences: January 2015 until further notice

Target Audience

Phone Sales Staff in APC


To encourage phone sales staff to consider the bigger unit sale offers during discussions with clients and potential clients on the phone.  Draw tips from the high achievers.

Inclusions / Exclusions


  • Phone Sales staff involved in inbound sales enquiries and outbound sales calls for the full range of domestic and commercial services.

  • For example, a timber pest service sold in combination with general pest services is a included (e.g. CASV)


  • Administrative staff and client management staff not engaged in active selling on the phone.

  • Excludes sales of ‘Termite Only’ work.

The Prizes

Each Month:

  • Top 10 performers across the APC Group will receive $25 store voucher.

Additional Promotion

This classification is eligible for the Grand Prize for 2015.

Performance will be measured from January-November 2015.

Assessment Criteria

This promotion measures the percentage and average value of jobs completed with a value above and below $350 during the calendar month.A ranking score is calculated based on a weighted average formula with a heavy weighting applied to the percentage of sales above $350 and combined with average value of jobs booked below $350.Download the Phone Sales Scorecard spreadsheet to see how the ranking score is calculated.Submissions must be able to be validated against ABS.

Grand Prize Scoring:

  • The monthly ranking scores will accumulate over the Promotion period.

  • The Phone Sales persons with the highest accumulated score at the end of the Promotion will win the Grand Prize.

Entry into the Promotion

  • Automatic for all eligible phone sales personnel.

  • Statistics are generated from ABS statistics.


  • APC Internal Newsletter

  • APCCREW website

  • Personal email

Assessment Panel

Mick Farr, Steve Endor, Richard Coleman

Terms and Conditions

  • You must be a current member of the APC Group at the time that the prize is awarded.

  • The prize is not redeemable for cash.

  • In cases where it is not practical to redeem the monthly prize of store vouchers or movie tickets (e.g. no stores or cinemas exist within a reasonable distance), an alternative reward to the equivalent value can be negotiated with APC.

  • Only prize winner names will be published each month.