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'I'm proud to announce the official re-launch of APC's Internal Incentive program for all members of our group - the APC Crew.

This program is designed to recognise and reward people who strive to go the extra mile and help grow our business every day.

There is a fantastic range of monthly prizes plus you can go into the grand prize draw and much more.

Good luck, I look forward to seeing the results.

Mick Farr
General Manager

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Incentives for Sales Staff

Phone Sales

‘For sales Top Guns who upsell and increase the average job value,

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Incentives for Technical Staff

Technician Upsell

‘Calling all Tech champions who upsell the value of a job

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Technician Quote Conversion

‘Calling all Tech champions who quote additional work (e.g. Termite Treatments, Commercial Upsells)

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Other Incentives

Content Creator

‘Seeking stories from your local area to be posted on your branch website’, submit yours here…’

Grand Prizes

2015 Incentive Award

Major Prize for 2015

Branch Excellence

Branch Excellence Awards

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